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DNA Ancestry – A Scattering of Seeds


The Canadian TV series ‘A Scattering of Seeds – The Creation of Canada’ illustrates how varied and widespread the Canadian gene pool must be. Many Canadians are eager to trace their family ancestry and roots as a result of living in a relatively modern country. In fact, as well as DNA ancestry tests to get a far-reaching historical overview of a family’s roots, some Canadians are seeking out DNA ancestry tests to find more immediate relatives.

DNA Ancestry – Finding Canadian Roots

The fact that Canada is a country made up of mostly immigrants is reflected in the demand for DNA ancestry tests to determine family links. Many immigrants left behind their immediate family, leaving their future children bereft of aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. For some families researching their roots, DNA ancestry tests can help confirm relationships with people they suspect they may be related to. ‘A Scattering of Seeds’ consisted of 52 documentary films, showing portraits of the first immigrant families that settled in Canada. The variety of nationalities shows that any DNA ancestry testing today would reveal a rich and diverse multi-cultural population.

DNA Ancestry: Sowing the Seeds

The TV series showed French, Irish and Ukrainian settlers. DNA ancestry tests would reveal that recent generations include a mix of Chinese, Sikh and Japanese people. The kaleidoscope of cultural and geographic identities is an intriguing one. And anyone who wanted to find out more about their own family make-up can take a DNA ancestry test. The stories of the immigrants that built Canada into the strong, vibrant, modern country it is today are fascinating. Knowing where your country came from and how it got where it is today offers a profound understanding of Canadian culture and outlook.

DNA Ancestry: The Genetic Mix

For immigrants seeking out family in their homeland, research can help unearth clues – once you’ve located your relatives, DNA ancestry tests can help confirm whether or not you are genetically related. The 52 documentaries in ‘A Scattering of Seeds’ means any DNA ancestry test for an average Canadian would be a fascinating mix of cultures, creeds and races. The series profiled Russian Jews in Calgary, an Irish priest who comforted Irish immigrants in Quebec during the Irish Potato Famine, Chinese laborers in Vancouver, Italians in Ontario and Japanese in British Columbia. The documentary showed how, by embracing the mix of cultures and races, Canada has a vast array of DNA ancestry; each new immigrant brought with them the riches and knowledge of their homeland, helping shape Canada into the liberal nation it is today.

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