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DNA Ancestry – Six Degrees of Separation


DNA ancestry tests can provide fascinating insights for Canadians, many of whom arrived in the country as immigrants. Like America, Canada is a relatively new country for its non-native settlers. And even those who believe their roots are firmly in its native people, there are often surprises along the way.

DNA Ancestry: Madonna and Celine Dion

DNA ancestry tests reveal that we are more related to each other than we may first think. In fact, it’s been said we are all related to one Africa man – where the human species originated. The news that DNA ancestry tests revealed that Celine Dion is related to Madonna and the Duchess of Cornwall isn’t too surprising when you consider how inter-related we are.

DNA Ancestry: 6.6 Billion People

The DNA ancestry results tie into the six degrees of separation theory. Microsoft recently checked 30 billion electronic messages to prove the popular theory rooted in the game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ that proves all actors can be traced back to Bacon in no more than six steps. And in a world of 6.6 billion people, researchers say the six degrees of separation theory translates into our real life chain of acquaintances – in that we are just six introductions away from any other person on the planet.

DNA Ancestry: 6.6 Degrees of Separation

It’s a mind boggling thought, but the results of DNA ancestry tests back up the idea that we are closer to each other than we may have thought. Often our geographical and racial makeup revealed in a DNA ancestry test is made up of strands from regions we never imagined. For example it’s not unusual for Canadians who felt they were of European descent to discover Asian, African or Indian strains in their genetic make-up. The fact that researchers on the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ project found that we are, on average, 6.6 degrees of separation away from any stranger backs up the idea that human beings are incredibly closely related. That means you are in theory just seven introductions away from anyone, including the Queen or Tom Cruise.

DNA Ancestry Tests Examined

The fact that humans are social and migratory creatures is evidenced in DNA ancestry results. And in modern day culture, social networking phenomena such as Facebook reveal how we can all be inter-related to others around the world in a massive social web. The researchers behind the project told the press that the results revealed a social connectivity constant for humanity. DNA ancestry results back up the research findings – that we are in fact closer to each other under the skin despite disparities of language, culture, facial features and even skin colour.

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