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DNA Ancestry – DNA Testing Points to US Ancestry


According to the report on the BBC, many people are seeking to establish ancestral links between Ulster Scots and North American descendants are turning to DNA testing to provide the information that they are after regarding their DNA ancestry. It goes without saying that advancements in science, particularly so far as DNA testing is concerned, has made tracing one’s DNA ancestry easier than ever before and many are now able to trace back their DNA ancestry hundreds of years and get a much firmer understanding of exactly where it is that they come from. It is, of course, a very sensitive issue but many people deem it important to garner a sense of understanding about their origins and tests into DNA ancestry are a great means by which to achieve this aim. More and more people are utilising DNA tests in order to trace back their lineage as far as possible and paint a picture of their family tree.

DNA Ancestry – Establishing Roots

According to the report on the BBC, American Presidential candidate, John McCain, is one of the most famous examples of those who can trace their DNA ancestry between Ulster Scots and North Americans and genealogist, Barry McCain, says there is much DNA ancestry evidence that can be use to relate large numbers of McCain families across Ireland and America. DNA testing is clearly an accurate means of establishing family ties and this is why it is increasingly being utilised when it comes to establishing DNA ancestry. Of course, there is a certain level of intrigue when it comes to discover our DNA ancestry which is why more and more people are expected to undergo DNA testing in 2009 as they seek to establish their roots.

DNA Ancestry – Scientific Discoveries

There are so many ways that science has advanced in the last few years and one of the most noticeable is in the form of DNA testing, which is used in everything from establishing paternity to revealing an individual’s DNA ancestry. To fully establish one’s family tree is a process that requires a lot of dedication but garnering an understanding of where you come from can be very cathartic and this is one of the primary reasons for the surge of interest surrounding DNA ancestry and DNA testing.

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