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Ancestry DNA Testing: Finding Relatives


We’re all familiar with people who claim to be descended from the rich and famous. In most cases, it’s a hoax story, but DNA ancestry is now able to be tested and certain DNA tests can prove one way or the other whether claims are true.

DNA Ancestry Testing

A true DNA ancestry test is carried out so that you can see where you’ve come from in geographical terms. By taking a DNA ancestry test, you can find out where your original descendants came from and many people are surprised by the results. If you live in a country like Canada, where a large proportion of the population is descended from settlers, it can be fascinating to find out where your forebears came from and could be the kick-start you need to look more deeply into your family history.

DNA Ancestry – Those Famous Relations

For those who claim to be related in one way or another to famous or notorious people, DNA ancestry can be proved by a simple test. We see it all the time in general paternity tests, and the same methods and principles apply to ascertaining whether someone is in fact related to a distinguished or wealthy individual. Interesting claims include:

  • John McCain descended from Robert the Bruce – the USA Republican candidate for President in 2008 has previously claimed that he was descended from Robert the Bruce, via a great-aunt. It never harms politicians to be associated with great warriors or statesmen, but most experts agree that in this case, even if it is true, John McCain’s DNA ancestry is probably shared by many. Apparently, Robert the Bruce had 12 children in the 14th century which means there are possibly several million Bruce descendants across the globe today.
  • Robert Brown, Princess Margaret’s “love child” – this is a recent relationship and DNA ancestry should easily be able to prove if Robert Brown’s claims to be the illegitimate child of Princess Margaret are true. Unfortunately for Mr Brown, Buckingham Palace has refused to take part in any DNA testing and he was forced to take his case to court.
  • Matthew Pinsent and Edward I – this is no claim; the Olympic Gold Medal winner discovered he could trace his family back to Edward I when he took part in the BBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are” programme. Having researched several members of his family, all with fascinating stories, he discovered a link to the prestigious Howard family, who are descended from Edward I and through him to William the Conqueror. DNA ancestry tests could confirm this by testing Matthew and a direct Howard descendant but, as it was all there in black and white, there was no need for additional science.

Speak To International Biosciences About A DNA Ancestry Test

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