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Paternity Testing – An Olympic Discovery


According to a report by the BBC, young Olympic skier, Toby Dawson, was reunited with his biological father after winning a Bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Turin. The skiing star was adopted from a Korean orphanage in 1981 but a man saw his victory in the skiing event and suggested that he was Toby Dawson’s biological father. After both father and son underwent paternity testing, the man’s claims were proven to be correct.

Paternity Testing – Ties That Bind

In one of the more unique cases of paternity testing, the case of Toby Dawson being reunited with his biological father is one that pulls on the heartstrings. According to the report on the BBC, the USA skier, Dawson, was reunited with his biological father for the first time since the pair were separated in a crowded Korean market in 1981. After the pair became separated, the child ended up in an orphanage from where he was adopted by an American couple who nurtured his skiing talent. After this skiing ability secured him a Bronze medal in the Winter Olympics, the fact that he was adopted came to light and a number of Korean men claimed to be his father. After extensive paternity testing, it was established that Busan bus driver Kim Jae-su, 53, was indeed his biological father.

Paternity Testing – The Reunion

After the paternity testing had confirmed that Kim Jae-su was Toby Dawson’s biological father, a reunion of the two was arranged and Dawson addressed his father before the assembled journalists, “There is nothing to feel sorry for. Everything is good as we are meeting each other. This is a great moment.” Mr Kim had come to believe that Toby Dawson was his son when friends and relatives suggested that the two bore a striking resemblance to one another and he was delighted when paternity testing was able to confirm his beliefs. Mr Kim stated to the assembled media at the reunion, “I am thankful that he has come to look for me even after such a long time.” This case is just one of the latest instances of paternity testing reuniting children with long lost fathers.

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