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Maternity DNA Test

Maternity testing by International Biosciences starting from only $199 for testing mother
and 1 child. Results will be ready in 4 working days from the day we receive your samples.

Order now $199

Maternity DNA Test

Price: $199
Testing: Child and alleged mother samples
Timeframe: 4 working days from receipt of sample at the laboratories

We do not offer express testing if you choose to send a forensic sample. We can offer express testing only if you use mouth swabs.

Maternity testing by International Biosciences starting from only $199 for testing mother and 1 child. This cost includes our express turnaround time which means your results will be ready and available to you in 3 working days from the day we receive your samples. Our test uses 21 genetic markers to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Maternity test results are 99.99% accurate and all we need are mouth swab samples from the mother and the child.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a forensic sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

Why would you need a maternity test?

Most of our clients use our maternity testing service in cases of immigration. Because of the conclusive evidence of a biological relationship that DNA testing provides, immigration authorities may require that you present results of a maternity DNA test to provide proof of the alleged relationship between mother and child. Immigration maternity testing needs to follow a very precise procedure and results will be notarised. More information can be found by visiting our Immigration DNA Testing page.

Clients may sometimes carry out a maternity test in cases of adoption. They may seek this test to verify the biological relationship between the adoptee and the birth mother which can help reunite the two.

The science and results for a maternity test

A maternity test will analyse 21 genetic loci (loci are specific points or DNA locations on the DNA sample). For a conclusive result, the 21 loci analysed on the DNA profile of the child and the father will need to be an exact match. Maternity testing also involves a calculation using all the values generated from each specific locus – this value must yield a result that is higher than 99%. In rare cases, when the mother is not included, the final result gives a probability of maternity that is lower than 99% and this is considered too low to be a conclusive result. In such cases, it is important to have the father’s sample in order to get a stronger result and increase the probability of maternity.

Results will clearly exclude whether the tested mother is the biological mother of the child with a probability of 100%. If the tested mother is the biological mother, the result will show a probability of 99.99%.

How to collect your samples

Sample collection for a maternity is by means of our home sample collection kit which will be sent out to you as soon as we have confirmed your order. If the mother and children live in different locations, International Biosciences can send kits out to multiple locations. Using our kit makes it easy and quick to collect your samples in just a few easy steps using a procedure that is 100% pain free. Samples will be collected using mouth swabs.


I am unable to send mouth swab samples. Can you suggest others?

International Biosciences sends out a home sample collection kit to its clients once they have confirmed their payment. DNA extraction from mouth swabs is very accurate and chances of completing the extraction are very high. In some cases, we understand that for a number of reasons, clients cannot provide us with a mouth swab sample. In such scenarios, we can offer some good alternatives using our forensic DNA tests. We can still carry out a maternity test using a range of other samples, perhaps a tooth brushes, hair samples, cigarette ends, teeth, blood stains and many, many more. Why not view our full list of alternative DNA samples and contact us if you wish to carry out your DNA test with any of these.

What tests are available if the mother cannot be tested?

In some cases, you may be able to determine the maternity of a child by testing relatives of the mother in what is known as a mitochondrial DNA test. Individuals from the same maternal line will have the same mitochondrial DNA profile. The only issue with this test is that it cannot determine the type of relationship between the individuals tested and thus, test participants can only make inferences based upon the results. Click here to read more about mitochondrial DNA testing.

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