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Barack Obama Reveals Irish Ancestry


According to a report in Irish Times, Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, has been the subject of DNA ancestry tests by some leading genealogists and the findings of said DNA ancestry test are likely to raise an eyebrow or two. According to the report, Mr Obama can trace his heritage back to 18th Century Dublin and a property mogul living in the city at this time. DNA ancestry testing is proving a highly efficient and accurate means for people to discover their family trees by revealing in great detail their ancestry. In addition to this, a previous DNA ancestry test revealed that Barack Obama’s fourth great grandfather was a shoe-maker from the Midlands village of Moneygall, whose son set sail for the United States back in 1850. It is, of course, very interesting to discover exactly who our ancestors were and the emergence of DNA ancestry testing is making it possible for millions of people to fill in the missing pieces in the jigsaw of their family trees.

DNA Ancestry – Making Unexpected Discoveries

The tapestry that makes up our family trees is certainly extremely varied and the use of DNA ancestry testing is invariably considered to be the most successful means of establishing of lineage and exactly who our ancestors were. For example, it was the use of DNA ancestry testing that was able to paint a clearer picture of Barack Obama’s family history. According to the report in Irish Times, the Irish descendants of Obama may well have approved of his political aspirations today as they were wealthy aristocrats who rubbed shoulders with many influential figures of the time. It is facts like this that make genealogy so interesting and explains why DNA ancestry testing is such a big draw for many individual’s today.

DNA Ancestry – Revealing the Roots of the Family Tree

Advancements in the methods utilised in DNA ancestry testing have made them an extremely attractive proposition to those who want to garner a greater understanding about where it is they come from and the DNA ancestry tests themselves are quick and easy to carry out which means they are more and more accessible to the general public. Thousands are expected to take a DNA ancestry test in the remainder of 2008 and into 2009 as they seek to learn where their family originates.

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