Bloodhounds make wonderful family companions.  Known for their comical disposition and strong pack nature, Bloodhounds bond strongly with their family pack.  Bloodhounds are noted for enjoying the companionship of other dogs and generally do best in a home where they have plenty of time with their family members, furry and non-furry alike.

Bloodhounds were originally used in medieval Europe to train deer and boar. Today, Bloodhounds are highly respected mantrailers for search and rescue teams and police departments. Bloodhounds have the strongest scenting ability of all dogs and are so skilled, their “testimony” is admissible in the court of law.

Though sometimes portrayed as lazy, the Bloodhound is anything but – they can follow a scent trail for miles on end. Daily long, leashed walks are a necessity for them as they have endless energy and endurance. They can be quite stubborn, though, and need an owner who is firm and consistent with training.

Bloodhounds are extremely tolerant of children but children should be taught how to treat them properly. They could be too large for small children, though, as they can knock them down with just their tail. They require a fenced yard and leased walks due to their strong instinct to follow a scent.

Major Health Concerns: Bloodhounds are susceptible to gastric dilitation-volvulus (bloat) and severla eye problems including entropian, ectropian and keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) (dry eye).

Interesting fact: the number of olfactory receptor cells are 4 billion in a Bloodhound, compared to just 5 million in a human and 100 million in a rabbit.

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