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Canadian Court Hijab Ruling


Ms Rania El-Alloul appeared in court on February 24th 2015 where she was trying to recover her vehicle which had been taken by Quebec’s car insurance board, the SAAQ, because her son drove it without a valid license. The car had been confiscated and she was due to try to recover the car and pay the fine incurred by her son’s illegal actions. The Quebec Judge Eliana Marengo was presented with Rania wearing her hijab, or head covering, and Judge Marengo refused to hear Rania’s testimony unless she removed her hijab, El- Alloul refused to do this.

Complaint to Judicial Council

A man named Jean-Pierre Lussier made a complaint to the judicial council and says Marengo’s ruling was decried by many citizens and groups who want to protect civil rights across Canada. This is not the first time this has happened in Canada; as many as five similar cases of women being asked to remove their hijab have been recorded. In one such case a Judge Alary asked a woman to remove her hijab and dismissed the case on the basis that all rules of the court must apply to everyone equally. The woman filed a complaint but in the end the council sided with the judge who they deemed to be acting in good faith.

Welfare and Crowdfunding

Ms El-Alloul has been lucky in that a group of sympathisers set up a crowd funding resource to try to give her a new car and it had raised almost $44,000 as of last week. El-Alloul however has been told that if she accepts such a large sum this will affect her eligibility for welfare help which she has been receiving for a few years previously. A lawyer specialising in welfare and unemployment benefits told CBC News, ‘Welfare is going to say, ‘well you’re too rich to get welfare’ and they will ‘consider all the money that you receive from any source’. According to CBC news, a friend of Ms El-Alloul’s family has provided a temporary car until she gets her own car back.

Multiculturalism and Ancestry DNA Testing in Canada

It has been pointed out that in the The Preamble of Canada’s Multiculturalism Act, that “The Constitution of Canada recognises the importance of preserving and enhancing the multicultural heritage of Canadians.” Some feel this was not acted out in court on the 24th February 2015 and that there are many who call Canada home but who are of a multicultural background which should be defended. ‘Multiculturalism in Canada is an important badge that many carry proudly and Canada itself has benefited from’ says Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi, who is a physician and freelance writer in Canada.

Mitochondrial Eve and Ancestry DNA Testing

In the field of human genetics ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ refers to the mothers line or most recent common ancestor in the matrilineal line (MRCA). It means that all living modern humans come from the one human female who lived between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago, this is the most recent woman from who all living persons descend in an unbroken line on their mother’s side. This Mitochondrial Eve is believed to have lived in East Africa and developed from homo sapiens (anatomically human) and were developing as a population distinct from other human sub species. Thus making it clear that we are literally all related by our DNA.

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