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International Biosciences Paternity Test Results feature in Coronation Street

TORONTO, Canada – October 14, 2013 – Paternity testing results by leading DNA testing company International Biosciences have recently appeared in Coronation Street. In the episode, aired on 13th October, rebel bad boy David Platt takes a DNA test which confirms he is in fact the father of Lily.

Multinational DNA testing company International Biosciences has its paternity test featured in British television soap opera, Coronation Street. The test result reveals leading character, David Platt played by actor Jack P Shepherd, is in fact the father of baby Lily.

David opens his paternity test results in front of his short term girlfriend Tina McIntyre, played by actress Michelle Keegan. The results clearly show that Platt, and not Nick Tilsley, is in fact the man who fathered baby Lily. A representative for International Biosciences, a UK based DNA testing company, has commented on the company’s test featured in this episode by stating “This was a great opportunity to educate the general public as it clearly shows how paternity testing can accurately confirm or exclude the relationship between an alleged father and child”. In fact, David Platt, clearly tense and absorbed into the diction and information revealed in his result, reads these out to Tina – his tone contained but letting an obvious crescendo of enthusiasm as results reveal that which he hoped for:

“Based on the DNA analysis, the alleged father Mr David Platt cannot be excluded as the father of the child Lily Platt. This constitutes a positive result. The man we have tested is the biological father of the tested child.”

The company also notes how having its test featured in the episode further works towards an educational scope, showing how easily accessibly paternity testing is to the general public. Moreover, “the terminology and phrasing used in the episode is in fact typically that associated with paternity test results. In cases where the alleged father is the biological father of the child, the results will state that he “cannot be excluded” as the biological father.”

The Coronation Street episode does not highlight instances where the tested man is not the biological father but this can clearly be inferred. In such cases, the result will clearly show the alleged father “is excluded” as the biological father.

Paternity test is the most scientific way of establishing the parentage of a child and its portrayal in Coronation Street clearly exemplifies the way in which such tests can be used to clear all doubts in real life situations; doubts over Lily’s paternity had in fact arisen following a one night stand between Kylie and David’s half brother Nick.

In a closing statement by the company, a spokesman states that “A paternity test result can really provide the peace of mind somebody needs to make decisions and move on”. Results of a paternity DNA test are incontrovertible, with a 99.99% probability of paternity in cases where the alleged father is the biological father, the man involved can confidently and definitively assert, just like David Platt tells Nick, “[the child] is mine”.

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About International Biosciences

International Biosciences offer a wide range of DNA testing services, including paternity, siblingship and other relationship tests as well as DNA tests for immigration purposes, child custody cases and even DNA ancestry research. IBDNA benefit from an award–winning Molecular Biologist as one of their directors allowing them to remain at the forefront of international genetic research.

IBDNA also provide a comprehensive website,, detailing every aspect of the DNA testing process, showing everything from the differences between home DNA testing and legal DNA tests, to consent issues and understanding the final results report.

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