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Paternity Testing and DNA Tests in Manitoba


DNA Testing, Paternity Testing and DNA Tests in Manitoba are becoming more commonplace and International Biosciences have been called upon to provide testing services on numerous occasions.

Paternity Testing in Manitoba

With a population of 1.2 million people and an area of 650,000 sq km, the prairie province of Manitoba has the world’s tenth largest fresh-water lake in the world, Lake Winnipeg. The province is actually marine, rather than prairie, as it has over 100,000 lakes, 645 kilometres of coastline and thousands of kilometres of rivers.

Manitoba’s economy relies on tourism, energy, agriculture, oil, minerals, mining, forestry, and many more. With the only Arctic deep water sea port in Canada, Manitoba is the only link along the shortest shipping route between North America, Europe and Asia.

Manitoba is home to two of Canada’s national parks, Riding Mountain National Park in the Parkland region to the west and Wapusk National Park bordering the Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba, each providing a wide range of visitor experiences along with spectacular wildlife.

DNA Tests in Manitoba

International Biosciences will send out a DNA tests kit to anybody who needs a paternity test in Manitoba and the surrounding areas by first class post to arrive the next day.

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