The Greyhound is very reserved, sometime to the point of making them timid. They are sweet, sensitive and elegant. Greyhounds have a strong prey instinct and will chase anything that moves quickly. They are usually good with children, but do not like rough play. They are calm inside the house and do not bark much.

Major Health Concerns: The Greyhound can be prone to bloat. They tend to be sensitive to drugs and insecticides.

Interesting Fact: The Greyhound has approximately thirty recognized color forms, of which variations of white, brindle, fawn, black, red and blue (gray) can appear uniquely or in combination.

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A composed and loyal companion, the Akita makes a wonderful pet for those living on their own on in a family. With an instinct to bark if they sense a stranger this breed also makes a remarkably good guard dog.

Oh, the fearsome Yorkshire Terrier, like other terriers it is true to its fearless status and has no problem confronting unfamiliar dogs and other small animals, but then again this is one of the mischievous traits that people have come to love about this breed of dog.

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