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International Biosciences Launches cutting-edge Canine Breed Identification Test

TORONTO, Canada17 June 2016 Leading DNA testing company International Biosciences adds a new, scientifically advanced dog breed identification DNA test to its portfolio of animal testing services. The latest DNA my Dog breed test is aimed at establishing the dog breeds in a mutt’s DNA, highlighting its ancestry and genetic background.

Commenting on the launch of the DNA my dog breed identification testing service a company representative states that: “This test takes out all the guess work. Owners of mixed breed dogs are often intrigued about what breeds make up their dog’s DNA. They often rely on hazarded guessing which they base upon physical attributes of the dog such as size, facial structure and coat length or colour. Now dog owners can rely on DNA testing to untangle the puzzle and scientifically establish which breeds are in their mutts DNA. The Dog DNA test results report mixed-breed ancestry with a percentage breakdown of each breed.”

The dog breed identification test works by comparing the DNA of the dog tested to a database which contains the DNA profiles of many of the most common dog breeds such as the Australian Cattle Dog, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Dalmatian and Russell Terrier. All profiles in the database are taken from certified breeds. Asked about its animal testing portfolio the company states that “International Biosciences already offers an extensive portfolio of animal tests which include feline, canine and avian testing services. Increasing the portfolio of animal tests is in line with the company’s ongoing strategy aimed at providing the widest range of animal DNA testing services to date”.

The results for the breed identification test provided by International Biosciences include a breakdown of each dog breed; the personality traits associated with it and prevalent health concerns. Dog owners will get their results in 2-3 weeks and sample collection is by means of a kit which contains mouth swabs. The swabs need to be rubbed inside the dog’s mouth in a procedure that the company describes as quick and painless.

“The test is highly accurate and the knowledge derived can be an invaluable tool for the well-being of a dog. However, we do stress that the test is specifically targeted at mixed-breed dogs and will not determine whether your dog is pure bred. Mixed breed owners also need to keep in mind that our database does not include the DNA profiles of all dog breeds know, just the most common dog breeds. We provide a full list of breeds covered on our website”

International Biosciences is a leading UK based DNA testing company offering its range of animal testing services in its major markets, including Australia, Ireland, Canada and the USA. The company offers Feline PKD testing, dog parentage testing, avian sexing and a range of other animal tests.

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