The Weimaraner is obedient, alert, friendly and fearless. They are intelligent and highly motivated by rewards, but can be opinionated and willful. They are happy dogs, and may be rambunctious. They are very loving, and need to feel a part of their human family.

Weimaraners were originally bred as gundogs for large game such as deer, wolves, and bears. They were known as the “Silver Ghost” and were a highly sought-after dog in their native Germany. Today, Weimaraners are devoted people dogs. They have a ton of energy and require plenty of exercise. If left alone for long periods of time, they can have separation anxiety and become destructive or bark excessively.

They have a strong prey drive due to their hunting origins so if not controlled or trained, they will chase and potentially harm anything that resembles that prey. Weimaraners are independent thinkers and love to test their owner’s boundaries. A natural protector, they are reserved with strangers, and may be combative with other dogs. Early training is definitely required for a versatile, proper family dog.

Major Health Concerns: The Weimaraner is prone to bloat and hip dysplasia. They may also suffer from hypertropic osteodystrophy (too rapid growth).

Interesting Fact: In addition to their unique charcoal-blue to mouse-grey to silver-grey coats, Weimaraners can also have gray and tan markings.

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