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Age Related Macular Degeneration

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Age Related Macular Degeneration

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Age related macular degeneration refers to a type of macular degeneration that affects older people, although the conditions are virtually indistinguishable in terms of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Age related macular degeneration describes a condition of the eyes that affects the central vision, which can be distinguished from peripheral vision. As such, a person who suffers from age related macular degeneration will not become completely blind as a result of the condition. Affecting approximately 2% of people aged 50 years and over, age related macular degeneration is present in one in five of all 85 year olds, making it the most common cause of age related visual impairment. Rarely, non-age related macular degeneration occurs in much younger people – often as a result of inherited genes.

DNA testing genetic predisposition to age related macular degeneration can prove important in determining whether genetic factors play a role in its development and in order to identify those who are most likely to develop the condition. Current research has found that a genetic predisposition to age related macular degeneration does exist in various test subjects. Studies have observed familial tendencies among age related macular degeneration patients; however, as of yet, no specific gene has been isolated as a cause of the condition. In fact, it is suspected that a number of genes play a role in the development of age related macular degeneration, with environmental factors providing the trigger in most cases. It is hoped that further tests will reveal the genetic secrets behind the condition, which may lead to preventative treatments.

For support and more information about age related macular degeneration, please visit the Macular Disease Society website, a UK charity dedicated to helping people with macular degeneration.

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