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DNA Testing for Lung Cancer

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DNA Testing for Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK after skin cancer, with approximately 31,000 new diagnoses and almost as many deaths occurring each year. Primarily affecting older people, lung cancer is renowned as a smoker’s disease because smoking cigarettes accounts for up to 90% of all lung cancer cases in the UK. As demonstrated by the ratio of diagnosis and death highlighted above, lung cancer patients tend to face a bleak outlook as the disease will often metastasise before its symptoms are identified. In fact, only 25% of lung cancer patients can expect to survive for more than a year after diagnosis, whilst only 7% can anticipate a life beyond five years. As smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer in the vast majority of sufferers, the disease has long thought to be influenced by predominantly environmental factors.

Genetic predisposition DNA testing for lung cancer has proven invaluable in establishing whether genetic factors play a role in its development. Discovering a genetic predisposition to lung cancer could dramatically improve survival rates in patients as it would increase the prospects of making an early diagnosis. DNA testing lung cancer could also lead to more advanced methods of treatment, which would further improve prognoses. To date, researchers have found that there are genetic factors at work in the development of lung cancer generally. In particular, the RGS17 gene has been shown to play a pivotal role in an individual’s susceptibility to the disease, which is typically increased in people whose familial relatives have a history of lung cancer.

For support and more information about lung cancer, please visit the Canadian Cancer Society website, a national cancer organisation which has been providing Canadians with information about cancer since it first formed in 1938.

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